From Paper to Cloth June 27 2014

My ideas for this capsule range were drawn very simply from my local park in East London, Victoria Park, where I spend a lot of time. The combination of the urban and natural world there has always fascinated me, along with the characters who roam about there daily. It is a place of refuge and escape for them - and for a huge number of people in the city - and a place I have always been very grateful to have lived beside, especially seeing as when we moved here we didn’t really know it was there, never mind how close!
The seed was sewn when I decided to draw our two dogs - Nollaig the Cockerpoo and Pog the Beagle. Two characters in themselves!
I am a bit old fashioned, in that I always draw by hand and then work digitally if needs be. I wanted to add something quirky to the dogs, so I put a detective hat on Pog and a cockerpoo on Nollaig's head - she is such a tolerant dog, I thought if any dog wouldn’t mind a bird taking up residence on their head, Nollaig is the one!
Parakeets are often seen in our park - like many London parks - and there are lots of urban myths to suggest how they got to be there. I’m not sure what is fact or fiction so I won’t get into it!
The other animals that feature in the drawings are regulars that we see on our walks. I’ve also long had a fascination with city ductile lids, and I liked the idea of teaming these two things together - apparently from disparate worlds, or are they?
Ductile lids are the ultimate symbol of urban life, but also in my opinion, really lovely pieces of artwork taken for granted and trodden upon everyday. They’re on our roads, our footpaths - and even underfoot of my featured characters in our parks - and adding blocks of colour to their geometric and functional artwork gives them an entirely different purpose, and one which I really like.
So, after lots of sketching, I marry these drawings together digitally, working out what composition I feel works best. Once I am happy and have the colour balance I like, my lovely factory in Italy print them for me….and there we have it…...Paper onto Cloth!