Autumn is definitely here November 11 2014

So, we are firmly in the swing of Autumn and fast approaching Winter 2014. Since moving out to the country, and after the time change, it’s taking time to get used to the inky darkness out here from 5pm onwards. We are in a valley, with only a dusting of house lights about, so it’s the biggest adjustment yet since moving from the starkly contrasting bustling streets of East London!

With the new year ahead, and new horizons within reach, I’m beginning to think about the next installation to the Rock Paper Cloth collection. When I first thought about it, jotting down ideas, it was filled with ideas from our old haunts in East London. Now, since moving here, there’s also an abundance of inspiration to be taken from our immediate surroundings. I think it will have to be an amalgamation of the two - a lot has happened in 2014, so the next installation should rightly reflect that! Perhaps a nod to Victoria Park with The Pagoda on the lake making an appearance - and in contrast maybe a wheelbarrow full of apples, figs, pears, grapes and blueberries, all due on our doorstep next spring! Lot’s to think about and lot’s to do - best get pen to paper soon, as there’s lot’s of ideas to try out and inevitably, some will be better than others! Watch this space, as I’ll upload some sketches as I go…..

Other news is, that I hope to be doing a few Friday Markets in Old Spitalfields in December. I will update Twitter and Facebook if I can confirm a stall. Lastly, the collection is now available online on Not On The High Street too which we are delighted about! Check it out at