About Us

Naomi Murtagh presents Rock Paper Cloth - an intriguing capsule collection of hand illustrated scarves, where nature intertwines with the urban.
The idea for Rock Paper Cloth was born in 2013 and came to be in 2014. Naomi found herself in between work projects after becoming a mother and spending a lot of time minding her young toddler son, Stanley. She craved something that would challenge her a little. Having trained in Fashion Design in the Limerick School of Art & Design in Ireland, Naomi happily stumbled upon Accessory Design after working in Paris as an intern - she worked contentedly within this for several years in both Paris and London. However, having always been an avid scarf wearer, and sketching being one of Naomi’s biggest passions - along with colour, print and design - she thought why not create a small range of scarves of her own - it made perfect sense.
Naomi began by drawing both of their dogs - Pog the beagle and Nollaig the cockapoo. Spending a lot of time in their local park in East London - along with her dogs and Stanley too - she was struck by all the animal characters tucked away there, living their lives, in the middle of such a bustling city. She drew upon this whimsical world to create the other characters featured in her designs. Something else Naomi tread upon every single day in London are the ductile lids on the roads and pavements - doorways into the underworld of the city. These have always fascinated her and she sees them as a pure and functional design, totally taken for granted, tamped upon during the daily grind. So why not give them some recognition - raising the mundane up to become something beautiful. The shapes and words from these lids feature in several of the the scarves, creating the graphic colour blocking seen in the background. In a nut shell, Rock Paper Cloth designs are a small snippet of Naomi’s take on East London life and some of it’s animated and adorned inhabitants with whom she crosses paths daily! 
To create each design, Naomi scrupulously constructs each composition from layers of hand drawn images. Combining modern with traditional techniques, Naomi strives to achieve a rich tapestry worthy of being worn anytime. Each scarf is digitally printed in Italy using 100% Silk, and each design in this collection is a limited edition of 50 per design. The colour-palette of each composition has been mindfully considered, ensuring every scarf is easy to wear, and a go-to piece for any womans wardrobe.  
Naomi’s Rock Paper Cloth designs are instantly captivating. Adorning our wardrobes with a sense of individuality, imagination and a touch of whimsy.